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Paradox Watch Kit For Your iPod Nano (24k gold)
Paradox Watch Kit For Your iPod Nano (24k gold)
Paradox Watch Kit For Your iPod Nano (24k gold)
Paradox Watch Kit For Your iPod Nano (24k gold)

Paradox Watch Kit For Your iPod Nano (24k gold)

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Choose From 3 Different Watch Bands & Turn Your iPod Nano Into a Sleek Watch For All Occasions


Turn your iPod Nano into a sleek watch with this 24K gold Paradox watch kit.

Do you own an iPod Nano? If not, go buy one because it's an awesome little invention that will keep you rocking wherever you go. Seriously. Now if you own an iPod Nano you'll realize how much you use the thing and now you have the opportunity to turn it into a watch that will keep you stylish at all times. Not only will you be able to rock this watch band while working out but you'll also be able to dress it up when you hit the town. Get it NOW before it’s too late because there are ONLY an exclusive amount of these to be sold! For $99 (includes worldwide shipping) it’s definitely something to consider.

Paradox Watch Features For Your iPod Nano

  • The Paradox allows you to convert your iPod Nano into one of the most powerful watches in our current era of timepieces.
  • The design of the Paradox is a contemporary conversion kit, keeping style and functionally in mind.
  • Engineered from 24k gold, it completely encloses the iPod Nano in industrial-design fashion.
  • The Paradox, embedded with external buttons that provide great user feedback, also features interchangeable straps allowing you to customize your watch to match your outfit.
  • What’s more, unlike other iPod Nano watch kits, the Paradox’s patent pending design has a stainless steel flap that allows easy access to the 30-pin dock connector and protects it from dust and debris.

See how the Paradox sizes up to other Nano watch bands out there...

Product Specifications

  • Each Paradox kit includes a 24k gold Paradox watch conversion kit
  • Only Apple earbuds fit in the case
  • High-quality all black rubber silicone strap
  • A spare set of screws

Get the White watch band here!

Check out the Black watch band here!


  • Ships to US
  • Free Shipping


  • Available to customers worldwide
  • Watch band does NOT include the iPod Nano
  • Includes shipping
  • Valid for one (1) 24k gold Paradox watch kit
  • Product will arrive in 10 to 30 days
  • No refunds
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