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Detect Broken Links With Better Link Tester

Detect Broken Links With Better Link Tester

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by Before Dawn Solutions, Inc.

Find Broken Links On Your Website Before Others Do


We're Back With Another Fantastic $5 Friday!

Have you ever been on a website where you're trying to click on a link and it doesn't work? Sucks don't it. Please don't let that happen to your visitors and now you can make sure it never happens to them again with Better Link Tester.

What is Better Link Tester [BLT]?

BLT is a Macintosh OS X based website link testing application. It's used to make sure that every link on your site actually points somewhere and doesn't show the dreaded 404 error. It is a great way to make sure that your site gives your customers the best experience possible! BLT is a great tool that will make the quality checking process easy and painless. You just point it at the URL on your site that you want to test, whether it is the first URL or one deep within your site it doesn't matter, BLT Express can check them all.

BLT Benefits

Deep Link Testing BLT parses the entire HTML document to generate a list of links, from a large variety of tag types. Link Exclusions You can tell the parsing engine to ignore certain links, that you have entered, or it can match against regular expressions. Exportable Results Results can be exported in the BLT Document format, so that it can be loaded later and re-run. The results can be exported via HTML, CSV/Text, and OmniGraffle format. Extensible BLT is built to be extensible, it uses loadable bundles to export files, so you can write your own custom exporters. Enjoy your BLT ;)!


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