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  • Introduction
    Course Intro
    Course Source Code
  • Learn JavaScript by Making a Road Crossing Game
    Hello JavaScript
    Arithmetic Operations
    Challenge – Objects
    Challenge Solution – Objects
    Add and Remove Array Elements
    Multidimensional Arrays
    Arrays and Objects
    Challenge – Adding Enemies
    Challenge Solution – Adding Enemies
    Nested Functions
    Function Expressions
    Drawing a Rectangle in the Canvas
    Animating the Canvas
    If – Else Statements
    Boolean Expressions
    Challenge – Conditional Movement
    Challenge Solution – Conditional Movement
    While Loops
    For Loops
    Break and Continue
    Bouncing Enemies
    JavaScript Load Event
    Mouse Events
    Touch Events
    Collision Detection
    Adding the Goal
    Final Challenge – Multilevel
    Final Challenge Solution – Multilevel
  • Starting with Phaser - Farm Animals Toddlers Game
    Module Intro
    Setting up a Local Web Server
    Creating a New Phaser Game
    Loading a Sprite
    Anchor Point
    Screen Scaling
    User Input
    More on Groups
    Switching Animals
    Tween Animations
    Tween Callbacks
    Spritesheet Animations
    Audacity Basics
    Adding Sound
    Adding Text
    Where to Find Free Artwork
  • Virtual Pet Game
    Module Intro
    Basic Structure
    Draggable Pet
    Item Selection
    Rotating the Pet
    Placing Items
    Moving the Pet to the Item
    Pet Spritesheet Animation
    Game Stats
    Decresing Pet Stats
    Multiple States
    Boot State
    Loading Screen
    Home Screen
  • Basic Platformer Game
    Module Intro
    Basic Structure
    Physics and Gravity
    Collision Detection
    Keyboard Control
    On-screen Controls – Part 1
    On-screen Controls – Part 2
    Platform Group
    Loading JSON Files
    Player Animation
    Level Goal
    Pool of Objects
    Bouncing Barrels
    Using Rectangles to get Started
  • Spaceship Game
    Module Intro
    Introducing the Intel XDK
    Basic Structure
    Adding the Player
    Shooting Bullets
    Enemy Prefabs
    Enemy Movement
    Damaging Enemies
    Particle Effects
    Enemy Bullets
    Reset Enemies
    Pause Timer
    Enemy Pool
    Load Level
    Multiple Levels
    Level JSON Files
  • Infinite Runner Game
    Module Intro
    Basic Structure
    Pool of Floor Tiles
    Adding the Player
    Body Bounding Box
    Player Jump
    Collision with a Group of Groups
    Platform Movement
    Show Hard-Coded Platforms
    Killing Platforms
    Pool of Platforms
    Random Generation
    Random Coins
    Kill Coins (Text)
    Collecting Coins
    Moving Background
    Game Over
    Saving the High Score
    Game Over Overlay
  • Multi-Level Platformer Game
    Module Intro
    Basic Platformer
    Introducing Tiled
    Creating Layers
    Loading Layers
    Using All the Screen
    Objects Layer
    Read Tiled Objects
    Creating the Goal
    Multilevel Game
    Enemy Prefab
    Enemy Behavior
    Loading Level Enemies
    Hitting Enemies
    Player Falling
    More Info on Tilemaps
  • Defence Strategy Game
    Module Intro
    Basic Structure
    Plant Prefab
    Zombie Prefab
    Damaging Plants
    Pools of Plants and Zombies
    Bullet Prefab
    Shooting Plants
    Shooting Animation
    Sun Prefab
    Sun Resource
    Random Sun Generation
    Killing Zombies
    Buttons Bar
    Buttons Selection
    Land Patches
    Planting Plants
    Loading Levels
    Multilevel Game
  • RPG Game
    Module Intro
    Basic Map
    Player Prefab
    Hello World Phaser Plugin
    Customzable Touch Controls
    Top-down Movement
    Item Prefab
    Item Collection
    Loading Items from Tiled
    Enemy Prefab
    Battle Object
    Fighting Enemies
    Loading Enemies from Tiled
    Health Bar
    Quest Overlay
    Show Quests
    Duplicating Objects
  • Angry Chickens - 2D Physics Game
    Module Intro
    Basic Structure
    How to Learn P2
    Creating P2 Sprites
    Collision Groups
    Loading Level
    Loading Enemies
    Setup Chicken
    Preparing Shot
    Throw Chicken
    Maximum Velocity
    Pig Chicken Stats
    Ending the Turn
  • Town Simulation Game
    Module Intro
    Basic Structure
    Population Growth
    Industrial Output
    Integrating Town
    Buidling Creation
    Dragging Map
    Button Selection
    Checking Building Overlap
  • Match-3 Game
    Module Intro
    Basic Structure
    Populate Grids
    Swap and Check Adjacent Blocks
    Is a Block Chained
    Find All Chains
    Clear Chains
    Drop Blocks
    Update Grid
    Create Block
    Draw Board
    Kill Block
    Block Dropping Animations
    Swap Blocks
    Pick Block
    Consecutive Chains
  • Point and Click Adventure Game
    Module Intro
    Basic Structure
    Loading Things
    Showing Text
    Custom Fonts in Phaser
    Collect Items
    Item Selection
    Unlock Door
    Change Room
  • Hexagon Map Strategy Game
    Module Intro
    Showing a Hex
    Auxiliary Methods
    Getting Adjacent Cells
    Showing Units
    Showing Moving Options
    Move Unit
    Checking for Battles
    Turn Logic
    Enemy AI
    Game Ending
  • Dungeon Crawler Puzzle Game
    Module Intro
    Basic Structure
    Surrounding Cells
    Item Collection
    User Stats
    Get Free Cell
    Procedural Generation
    Procedurally Generate Items
    Generate Exit
    Generate Enemies
    Enemy Stats
    Fog of War
    Clearing Darkness
    Monsters Block Discovery
  • Publishing to iOS, Android and Amazon
    Intro to Hybrid Apps
    Intro to Cordova
    Using Cordova in the XDK
    Hello World Cordova Plugins
    Android vs Crosswalk
    Integrating Cordova and Phaser
    Preparing for Buildings
    Publishing to the Google Play Store
    iOS Overview and Certificate
    Ad Hoc Building
    Publishing to the Appstore
    Intro the Amazon App Store
    Amazon Account Creation
    HTML5 Apps in the Amazon App Store
    Publishing to the Amazon App Store
  • Game Monetization - Ads and In-App Purchase
    Admob Setup
    Admob in Phaser
    In-App Purchases on iOS
    Example of iAP on iOS
    In-App Billing on Android

Be More Than a Gamer--See Your Game Concepts Turn to Life with 30 Hours of JavaScript Instruction


Pablo Navarro is the founder of ZENVA, as well as a web and mobile app developer and entrepreneur. Besides teaching courses on how to create games, apps, and websites to over 85,000 students, Pablo has created content for companies such as Amazon and Intel. Pablo holds a Master ofInformation Technology (Management) degree from the University of Queensland (Australia) and a Master of Science in Engineering degree from the Catholic University of Chile. For more details on this course and instructor, click here. This course is hosted by StackSkills, the premier eLearning destination for discovering top-shelf courses on everything from coding—to business—to fitness, and beyond!


Do you have the next big idea for a mobile game, but don't know your JavaScript from your Ruby--or really any idea of what any of that is? ZENVAAcademy’s mobile game development course will teach everything you need to know to turn idea into reality. The instructor jumps into JavaScript programming from the get-go, so there’s no time wasted and no previous experience required. After learning to build 15 games from scratch, you’ll be playing the game of your dreams—or even making money from it—in no time.
  • Become a proficient JavaScript & HTML5 developer w/ 30 hours of video & 289 videos
  • Build valuable app & web development skills
  • Gain access to source code & game assets
  • Learn how to make money w/ ads & in-app purchases
  • Build knowledge on how to publish your games to iOS, Android & Amazon
  • Create 15 games from scratch
  • Understand the hybrid app development process
  • Use the Intel XDK to emulate & test remotely


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Internet required
  • Code editor, such as Brackets, Sublime Text, orIntel XDK
  • Intel XDK
  • Local web server (if using Intel XDK or Brackets as code editors, you’ll be fine)
  • To publish apps to iOS, you’ll need an Apple Developer account
  • To publish apps at Google Play, you’ll need a developer account


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