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4 Extraordinary E-Books To Become A Savvy Businessperson



The E-Book Bundle For Smarter, More Efficient Business Practices

The best way to keep ahead of the game is to be the most knowledgable, versatile businessperson you can possibly be. Do you understand the importance of reading? Not only will these e-books drastically improve you as a business professional, but reading drastically improves writing and overall communication skills. It also increases memory analytical skills, vocabulary, and reduces stress. It's almost a guarantee that the more you read, the more successful you can be. Take a step in the right direction. Add 750 pages of insightful information that will propel your career forward for only $40. That's only $10 a book! If only textbooks were so cheap... Read more about the included e-books below:
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"The Web Site Revenue Maximizer" by Peter Davis & Georgina Laidlaw

Figuring out the best ways to build traffic, generate advertising revenue, and optimize for search engines can be confusing and difficult. The Web Site Revenue Maximizer will walk you through the ins and outs of creating and maximizing revenue. You’ll learn from the pros just how easy it is to plan, build, and earn a steady income from an online portfolio of sites generating revenue from advertising, affiliate programs, or even ecommerce.

About the Authors

Peter Davis has been working with websites since 1999. Aside from developing his own virtual real estate, he also has been a pioneer in the market for buying and selling small to mid-sized websites. Georgina Laidlaw is a online content writing wizard. A prominent voice in the world of blogging, Georgina is a master when it comes to creating quality content that sells.

What You'll Learn

  • How to boost advertising revenue
  • Tried and tested approaches for affiliate marketing
  • Every aspect of online selling
  • How to gain serious web traffic
  • How to buy and sell websites for huge profit
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"The Principles Of Project Management" by Meri Williams

A common sense approach to project management in less than 200 pages! You don’t need to sit through months of boring lectures or painstakingly work your way through thousands of pages of literature to become an effective project manager. Learn only what really matters in this succinct and thorough guide to boost your managerial skills through the roof.

About the Author

Meri Williams spends her days managing projects at a large multinational corporation, and her evenings writing at Geek|Manager and developing web sites. She loves going home to beautiful South Africa whenever possible and in her spare time she is an enthusiastic gamer, a novice surfer and a keen cook.

What You'll Learn

  • How to start every project on the right foot
  • How to master the planning, execution, and control of your projects
  • The secrets of effective communication and change management
  • How to identify project warning signals to ensure your projects stay on track
  • The benefits of using the right tools, resources, and people
  • How to deliver and present your projects
  • and much more!
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"The Principles Of Successful Freelancing" by Miles Burke

Thinking about becoming your own boss and embarking on the wonderful and rewarding journey of freelancing? Then this is the exact e-book you need to be on your way! In this easy-to-follow guide you’ll learn what’s required to turn your skills into a booming freelance business. This book leads you through the entire process, from getting started, to winning over and keeping loyal clients. Running a successful freelance business is easy, and with the information in this book, you’ll confidently turn your freelancing dream into a profitable reality.

About the Author

Miles Burke founded the web company, Bam Creative, and has been rewarded for his entrepreneurship in recent years: winning awards for “Contribution to the web industry” in 2005, and a “40under40” award 2007. Miles also serves as chairperson of the Australian Web Industry Association and co-authors the popular SitePoint Tribune newsletter.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how to make a smooth transition into freelancing
  • Understand how to effectively manage your money
  • Ensure you spend your time on the right activities
  • Discover why a work/life balance is important
  • Learn how your network can support you and your business
  • Overcome your fear of selling
  • As well as other key tips and guidelines
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"Outsourcing Web Projects: 6 Steps to a Smarter Business" by Dave Hecker

Do you wish that you could take on bigger, more profitable jobs, but don’t feel that you have the time, resources, or technical capabilities to do so? Outsourcing web projects provides you with tried and tested techniques that will ensure you deliver complex, high quality web projects using outsourced development resources. Both on time and on budget! Learn the process of writing great project specifications to advertise your job effectively. Know how to select the best outsourcing partner. Learn to successfully manage projects to its successful completion.

About the Author

Dave Hecker was an internet developer well before the dotcom boom. Dave delivered large-scale Internet applications for clients including Disney, Toyota, Lexus, Adidas, CBS (Survivor), Fox Entertainment (Simpsons, X-Men), the Starbright Foundation, Hilton and many more. He is proficient in a variety of programming environments including PHP/MySQL and .NET, is an avid Linux administrator, and continues to maintain a network of successful affiliate websites and forums.

What You'll Learn

  • How to evaluate the portfolios, testimonials, and client lists of potential outsourcing partners
  • How to draft an effective RFP (Request for Proposals)
  • Warning signs to watch out for in potential outsourcing partners
  • How to achieve the best prices by being a dream client
  • How to create a fair and effective written agreement
  • The Ten Commandments of the great client
  • How to get a troubled project back on track
  • And literally 7 other impressive bullet points that we couldn't fit ;)

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  • No Refunds
  • These are PSD Versions of E-books


  • No Refunds
  • These are PSD Versions of E-books