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What's Included

QuickBooks Pro
  • Certification included
  • Experience level required: Advanced
  • Access 111 lectures & 28 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

111 Lessons (28h)

  • Getting Setup with QuickBooks Pro
    .20 Purchase & Download QuickBooks Pro 20198:18
    .30 Install QuickBooks QuickBooks Pro 20198:06
    .15 QuickBooks Desktop Options9:12
    .10 QuickBooks Desktop Vs QuickBooks Online17:26
  • Navigating Through QuickBooks
    1.10 Restore Backup File14:12
    1.28 Home Page Employee Section13:44
    1.40 Help Options7:53
    1.25 Home Page Banking Section14:04
    1.20 Home Page Customer Section22:00
    1.37 Lists15:15
    1.45 Print & Export Reports21:16
    1.50 Create Backup File15:07
    1.30 Reports Center15:19
    1.15 Home Page Vendors Section16:29
    1.35 Forms8:07
  • Balance Sheet and Balance Sheet Options in QuickBooks Pro
    2.35 Comparative Balance Sheet10:44
    2.20 Remove Date Time From Reports2:34
    2.15 Balance Sheet Display Options18:10
    2.50 Memorize Reports to a Custom Group5:13
    2.45 Memorize Report Group5:53
    2.10 Balance Sheet26:27
    2.25 Fonts & Numbers Report Options10:36
    2.30 Header & Footer Report Options8:37
    2.40 Summary Balance Sheet12:39
  • Profit & Loss / Income Statement QuickBooks Pro
    3.15 Custom Income Statement10:23
    3.25 Vertical Analysis Profit & Loss12:36
    3.10 Profit and Loss Report21:48
    3.30 % of Expense Profit & Loss10:55
    3.20 Comparative Profit & Loss14:11
  • Other Reports & Graphs in QuickBooks
    4.10 Sales Graph12:31
    4.35 Accounts Payable Aging Report8:25
    4.25 Sales by Item Report11:45
    4.50 Accounts Receivable Graph5:50
    4.40 Accounts Payable Graph8:11
    4.20 Sales by Customer Report9:20
    4.15 Income & Expense Graph11:44
    4.30 Accounts Receivable Aging Report9:48
  • Start a New Company File in QuickBooks Pro
    6.11 Inventory Tracking Options6:38
    6.007 Company Preferences General9:53
    6.0095 Company Preferences Sales Tax5:07
    6.006 Company Preferences Checking6:47
    6.10 Set up Service Items18:22
    6.0092 Company Preferences Reminders6:32
    6.45 Generate Transaction Detail Report To Review New Company Setup19:03
    6.22 Import Items Customers Vendors4:56
    6.20 Set Up Vendors19:56
    6.008 Company Preferences Items & Inventory3:02
    6.009 Company Preferences Payroll Preferences7:18
    6.002 New Company File17:39
    6.15 Set Up Customers21:38
    6.40 Set Up New Employee27:52
    6.12 Set up Inventory Items30:00
    6.35 Set Up Manual Payroll10:55
    6.25 Add New Accounts & Opening Balances30:54
    6.004 Company Preferences Accounting4:51
    6.30 Adjust New Account Balances15:39
    6.0094 Company Preferences Reports & Graphs5:46
  • Enter Data for the first month of operations
    7.55 Write Checks for Expenses28:09
    7.40 Make Payment for Inventory linked To Purchase Order14:39
    7.75 Job Sales Receipt7:11
    7.45 Invoice for Custom Order Linked To P.O. & Payment16:10
    7.70 Pay Employees28:34
    7.20 Create an Invoice19:29
    7.17 Purchase Order P.O.15:59
    7.10 Record Purchase Furniture & Investment28:01
    7.35 Record Deposit13:15
    7.50 Receive Payment & Make Deposit12:09
    7.80 Review Reports After Month of Data29:25
    7.60 Pay Bill15:40
    7.65 Customer Jobs Add7:13
    7.05 Record Owner & Loan Deposit18:09
    7.30 Create Sales Receipts17:01
    7.25 Receive Payment16:07
  • Enter Data for the second month of operation in QuickBooks
    8.10 Short Term Investment Matures15:37
    8.65 Pay Payroll Taxes19:24
    8.45 Advance Customer Deposit10:09
    8.25 Sales Receipt & Deposit14:45
    8.77 Purchase Equipment with Debt or Financing12:34
    8.40 Record Sales on Account12:12
    8.50 Bills Track & Pay11:38
    8.80 Enter Payroll For Second Month21:21
    8.30 Advanced Payment From Customer12:32
    8.70 Enter Bills & Pay Bills20:41
    8.90 Record Rental Income8:45
    8.20 Receive Inventory With Bill16:18
    8.75 Enter Service Item & Invoices16:15
    8.55 Customer Payment on Account & Deposit18:08
    8.05 Enter Loan Payments from Amortization Table29:25
    8.15 Create Purchase Order With New Item11:59
    8.60 Pay Sales Tax16:30
    8.35 Apply Credit To Invoice11:39
    8.95 Comparative Financial Statements20:00
  • Bank Reconciliations in QuickBooks
    9.10 Bank Reconciliation First One44:35
    9.15 Bank Reconciliation Second Month33:13
  • Adjusting Entries and Reversing Entries in QuickBook
    10.15 Short Term Portion Installment Loan Adjusting Entry15:49
    10.20 Accrued Interest Adjusting Entry14:43
    10.30 Reversing Entry Accounts Receivable Entry23:16
    10.40 Prepaid Insurance Adjusting Entry11:57
    10.10 Loan Payable Adjusting Entry Short Term Loan22:32
    10.60 Journal Report & Financial Statements25:37
    10.50 Unearned Revenue Adjusting Entry18:46
    10.55 Reverse Unearned Revenue Adj. Entry14:42
    10.35 Reversing Entry Accrued Interest14:27
    10.25 Invoice or Accounts Receivable Adjusting Entry24:37
    10.45 Depreciation Adjusting Entry20:03
  • Budgeting in QuickBooks
    11.10 Budgeted Profit and Loss24:57
    11.15 Budgeted Balance Sheet14:04
  • Bank Feeds
    12 Bank Feeds Introduction and Set up14:35
    1240 Bank Feeds Rules10:36
    1230 Bank Feeds Deposits and Inflows12:37
    1220 Bank Feeds Add Checks & Cash Outflows17:25

QuickBooks Pro

Robert Steele CPA


Robert Steele has experienced working as a practicing Certified Public Accountant (CPA), an accounting and business instructor, and curriculum developer. He has enjoyed putting together quality tools to improve learning and has been teaching, making instructional resources, and building curriculum since 2009. Through working with students from many different schools, Mr. Steele has learned best practices for helping people understand accounting fast. Learning new skills and finding the best way to share knowledge with people who can benefit from it is a passion of his.


This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of QuickBooks in a format that can be understood by beginners, but which also covers more than just data input. With 111 lectures, you'll be provided with presentations and tools to work through the processes presented. This 28-hour course includes video instructions and downloadable PDF files that can be used as offline supplemental resources.

  • Access 111 lectures & 28 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand the basics of QuickBooks
  • Learn theoretical concepts & apply them to the processes of accounting software
  • Apply the learned skills through the provided tools
  • Download & use PDF files as a supplemental resource and hard copy refenece


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: advanced

System Requirements

  • PC or Mac
  • Internet access required


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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