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The Han's "Guitar" Solo T-Shirt
The Han's "Guitar" Solo T-Shirt
The Han's "Guitar" Solo T-Shirt
The Han's "Guitar" Solo T-Shirt

The Han's "Guitar" Solo T-Shirt

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by BustedTees

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The Real Reason Darth Vader's Face Was Melted Off


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If your goal is to become the *biggest rock star the galaxy has ever seen* (assuming Kanye doesn't claim the title first - but he may have already beat you to it), then pay *homage to the original guitar "Solo"-ist with this face-melting t-shirt*.


We all know *if one Star Wars character was going to be part of an intergalactic rock band, it would be Han Solo*. He's got the long, flowing locks of hair, a half-unbuttoned shirt with tight black pants, the general "rebel-without-a-cause" attitude, *and of course, a gun*. So *show off your wit and sex appeal with this tee combining two of our loves - Star Wars and Rock & Roll*. We know clothing isn't our niche, but hey, geeks still gotta look good.


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