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by Kwaga


Get an Email assistant that will automagically update and add contacts to your address book!

Is Your Address Book a Mess? Yes. Tired of Manually Entering Contacts Yourself? You bet. Well guess what, that can all change NOW thanks to WriteThatname for giving our supporters 3 FREE Months of use to whip your email address book into shape! No credit card required.

What is WriteThatname?

It's an Gmail and Google Apps service that adds and keeps your contacts' details 100% up-to-date WITHOUT AN OUNCE of effort on your side. With this EXCLUSIVE freebie offer you're going to get three (3) FREE months of their PREMIUM subscription.

Take a Closer Look

WriteThatname's Premium Features:

  • Address Book Updates: It analyzes the contents of your email messages and detects new contacts or updated details.
  • Multi-Account: can manage and aggregate several email accounts to update all of your contacts.
  • CRM Synchronization: The contacts of your CRM (HighRise) stay up-to-date thanks to
  • Dashboard: As soon as you sign up, you have a dashboard and a personal space to manage all your options.
  • Mobile Synchronization: All the changes made to your address book are of course available on your mobile.
  • And More...
Enjoy your address book sanity ;)!


  • Get 3 free months with this promotion
  • WriteThatname works with Gmail, Outlook, Google Apps, and Lotus Notes
  • No credit card required